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My head doesn't feel right

Posted by SkylineR33 on February 24, 2004 at 03:10:00:

Hi from Down Under. First post from me !

I've been on CPAP for 12 months now - felt great as soon as I started using it. I have always has sinus problems - hayfever, allergic to duct, etc So using Rhinocort spray for this.

Late last year I got an ear infection - Went to the doc, got antibiotics, all good. Since about then though (I think, or maybe before) I have had a constant ringing in my ears. I can always hear it, more so when it is dead quiet. Also My ears feel constantly half blocked. Now for the last couple of months, my head doesn't feel right - Sometimes with pressure behind my eyes - Also finding that I sometimes feel dizzy & weird - Sort of like something is affecting my balance slightly. Not concentrating at work too

I've been to the Dr. (GP) - got more antibiotics incase ringing/blocked ears is an ear infection - been on these for a week now - no change. Same ringing and blockage. Dr says I may need to go to ENT - get gromets ?

Two weeks ago, I was at the gym and did something to my back causing muscular/nerve spasms (worst pain in my life) Had to call 000 - Emergency (911) - As the pain brought on severe weird feeling in my head - like I was going to faint, or even die - I didn't know what was happening to me and thought I was going to keel over any minute. - The pinched nerve in my back/spine I have had before but not with the head weirdness. I suffered the fainting/'felt like I was dieing' sensation (breathing difficulties/shaking) every day after the back thing for 4-5 days. The pinched nerve spasm went away same day BTW. The weirdness in my head was diagnosed as panic attacks - They have gone now - But I can't help feeling that they were related to my blocked head / ears feeling I had before this.

Additinally, just lately, over last couple of weeks, I've been waking up in the middle of the night - not able to go back to sleep, and feeling really tired when I do wake up - Also not able to concentrate at work - and constantly tired (like before CPAP) - I've studied my CPAP and it is working OK and on same pressure as always.

I've got an appointment with my CPAP technician this week to see if everything is working OK etc - maybe need to go for another overnight sleep test and go back to see the specialist

Now one problem may not be related to the other - but I can't help feeling they might be related.

Also wondering if anyone has expeienced any similar symtoms (combined or seperately) and what helped you through them.

I've search on these forums and there is some speak of CPAP maybe causing ringing ears, blocked ears and maybe even air in the skull - Now I am worried that I might have these. - I want to feel normal again.

Thanks in advance.


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Archived Apnea Forum118 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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