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Prescribed a PPAP

Posted by Man25 on February 24, 2004 at 16:28:03:

Hi everyone,

After my second sleep study I have been prescribed a CPAP.

As there seems to be many different brands of CPAP devices, I was hoping you guys could give me insight on some of them. Ones I have heard of are..

Respironics Remstar
Fisher & Paykel
Sulliven S7 Elite

I have seen pictures of them on the Internet as well as reading some specs. The Sulliven S7 Elite, looks the nicest, but is heavier than the others. The Fisher & Paykel looks like a vaccume cleaner. The all have their ups and downs of course.

I need a pressure of 6, and would like something quiet, and light. I'd also like to take it camping and backpacking, with a portable powersource.

It needs an integrated humidifier as well. One that can be turned off and on, and have the temperature adjusted.

Reading on the internet there are machines that can actually store your sleep data and statistics while you sleep. Is this beneficial to have in a machine? If I did get it would I be able to look and analyze the data myself ?

Anyway.. I hope you guys can give me some good advice. I'd like to be a CPAP in a day or two.


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Archived Apnea Forum118 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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