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Sleep Study Costs

Posted by og lou on October 06, 2004 at 15:06:18:

I just had a sleep study test in 2 parts. The first part ($1,163.00) they tested to determine how many times I stopped breathing; 10PM to 5AM. The second part ($2071.71) was to determine my CPAP optimal pressure range; 9PM to 4AM. Both test had many electrodes connected to my scalp, face chest, and legs with 2 chest straps to measure breathing, and an oxygen sensor clipped to my finger.

My questions are
1. How much did a 2 part study cost in your area?
2. Did it really have to take 2 nights?
3. Did anyone have a similar study done with less equipment?

My study cost $3,734.71 plus the preliminary doctor visits and the follow-up consultation. I did not know how much this process was going to cost. After I got the bill I called to complained and told the customer relations person the Clinic/hospital was greedy, and that I had no intention of ever coming back unless it was on a stretcher.

Reasons I believe medical providers are greedy:
When I went to get my mask I was shown a "Gel mask" and head gear for $195.00. I asked for the model number, went home and got on the most popular online auction. They had the same model number with head gear for from $52.00 to $65.00 on a buy-it-now listing which included the shipping. I got other prices from local vendors for the same mask. The prices ranged from $125, $135, to the $195 above. Do not get me started on the CPAP machine prices. There is a larger price difference between local vendors and the most popular online auction than what I earn in a week.

Back to the sleep study:
I talked with the repertory technician who attached the sensors on my scalp. He said everything is expensive. He said the tube of adhesive has a cleanable 1"nozzle made from aluminum that cost $20.00. A plastic on should cost $.05. His supervisor overheard part of the conversation and said "No, we have to pay $41.00 for that nozzle, “medical-you-know."

My complaint is: Medical facilities stretch out or exaggerate a procedure to the limit (terms, medical billing codes) so they can almost charge double what they did a couple of years ago.

I had 2 other over priced experiences with the clinic. Ear, nose, & throat appointment cost $150 plus $52 for a 2 second ear wax removal. Other rip-offs; $250 to rinse a cut with sterile water and put "derma bond (medical super glue) and a large band-aid on a 3/4" cut. The glue held for 12 hours and then I taped it with "Sterri-Strips" I bought at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks.

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