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Re: United Airlines CPAP policy

Posted by Bird Watcher on May 26, 2006 at 11:44:07:

In Reply to: Re: United Airlines CPAP policy posted by Captin Cannuck on May 25, 2006 at 21:53:43:

The topic of your post was 'United Airlines CPAP Policy', but if you will allow, I will digress to state an opinion of your latest question.

It is well documented that people have died on (or shortly after) long international flights due to medical emergencies, most notibly, deep vein thrombosis, (or other conditions) pehaps brought on my long period of sitting. This is not an every day occurance and usually does not affect healthy people, but just making a point that there is a strain on the body to go on such flights, and emergency medical services are not guarenteed by the airlines, and the nearest diverting air field may by hours away. If anyone suspects they may not be in good health, they should consult their physician before taking a long international flight, and in the case of the US mainland to Australia, this flight can exceed 14 hrs one way.

Speaking about sleep apnea, if anyone diagnosed by severe sleep apnea feels their health may be at risk with no CPAP on a long internatinal flight, I would suggest taking along a battery operated CPAP with at least two batteries, and not to rely on any arrangement with any air carrier, even if they can be made, for special electrical service, be it direct current (DC) provided by the airline for compatible CPAPs or alternating current (AC) CPAP's that can be used with a 400hz to 60 Hz converter, as required.

And a further word about United Airlines in particular, it should be no secret to informed people that this company's aircraft were the target of terrorists on September 11, 2001 and that several of the company's employees suffered death on that day, and the inside feelings of this company are to error on the side of safety and security when ordinary people ask for special electrical services on board the aircraft that are not common.

I fully realize that you (or anyone) deserve respect as a customer from this company as an international air carrier according to the laws and that you want your feelings and rights to be heard, but understand what you're up against here with this particular situation.

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