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Need Help Interpreting Sleep Study Results (long)

Posted by jeanne on November 30, 2000 at 20:37:08:

I've been posting here for about 2 months, since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Thank you everyone for all your support, I was really freaking about this, but am feeling better about my future. I received a copy of my sleep study and need some help interpreting some of the data. Here is what I was told:

My apnea index was 1, hypopnea index of 20 for a combined AHI of 21 events per hour. Lowest observed oxygen saturation was 88%. Sleep efficiency was poor at 84%. Patient was much worse during REM sleep when her RDI was 62 events per hour and during supine sleep when her RDI was 75 events per hour. Sleep stage architecture prior to use of CPAP (they observed me for 183 minutes of sleep before setting me up on CPAP for the remainder of the night)was disturbed with 15% stage I sleep, 61% stage II sleep, no Delta sleep and 20% REM sleep. Periodic nocturnal myoclonus was noted at 3 events per hour but not considered clinicallyl significant. Time in bed 444 minutes, sleep period time 412 minutes, total sleep time 340 minutes, sleep onsent 30.

Impression: Mild obstructive sleep apnea with mild hypoxia, positive response to CPAP, mild periodic noctural myclonus and obesity. Recommendation also to monitor my response to CPAP and check for narcolepsy if EDS is not resolved (I have exhibited some symptoms of narcolepsy). Lose weight, exercise...

Any input from the group would be so greatly appreciated. I just need to understand the numbers what is technically occurring with my body. Thanks in advance. Jeanne

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Archived Apnea Forum45 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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