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Re: CPAP--inner ear problems

Posted by Kevin (in Walla Walla) on December 29, 1998 at 11:58:48:

In Reply to: CPAP--inner ear problems posted by Kaye(PA) on December 29, 1998 at 09:47:45:

If you have problems with your eustachian tubes, (the small tubes that run from your inner ear to your throat) you can have problems with CPAP. You may want to see your family doctor about the inner ear problem and make sure he/she knows that you're on CPAP. If you have glaucoma, or even just elevated occular pressures, make sure your opthamalogist knows you are on CPAP. CPAP can in a small percentage of patients cause increased intra-occular pressures and worsen glaucoma. Also patients with recurrent sinus infections can have problems with CPAP. Patients with recent FES surgery (roto-rooter of the sinuses) may have problems with CPAP until healed. You need to make sure all the doctors you see are aware you are on CPAP.

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Archived Apnea Forum7 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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