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Sleeping w/Bronchitis and CPAP

Posted by NewinPA on April 13, 2002 at 07:35:50:

Noticed in trying to sleep last night, with piling on the pillows to raise my head, that the air pressure aggravated the desire to cough (my humidifier is set at 8 1/2 out of 10). It also gave me a sore throat. I took cough syrup and finally, at 5:30 am also Lorazepam to get to sleep somewhat. Then I noticed that I was awakening with pressure bubbles in my mouth escaping through my closed lips. Finally that turned into awakening with a snoring sound occuring even though my lips were still closed.

But I am still guessing that I am getting some more sleep than without the CPAP. Am going to go to WalMart to talk to the pharmacist and see if I can take any type of decongestent (I take medicines for hypertension and antidepressents and have to be very careful of medicine mixes). Will see if that helps at all.

Has anyone else dealt with bronchitis while on CPAP?


New In PA

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Archived Apnea Forum90 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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