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Still snoring with CPAP

Posted by voyagerds9999 on June 05, 2002 at 13:55:28:

I'm new to CPAP, my wife tells me that I still snore if I sleep on my back. She says it is not as loud as before CPAP and I'm not sleeping with my mouth open.

I feel better with CPAP, my lab test shows severe OSA with 102 apneas per hour. I'm on a pressure setting of 8.

I'm curious why I don't feel as good with my CPAP machine at home compared to the night I was on it at the lab for a few hours. After that I had so much more energy; even though it was short lived (lasted for only about 4 hours). Another thing that puzzles me is my lab test shows no stage 3,4, or REM sleep was achieved even after CPAP was given to me.

I've tried to do some research on the different stages of sleep, but haven't found any sites that explains what happens to people who don't get any REM sleep. Do you have any suggestions for where to look for this information.

Another item is my upper lip is sore when I wake up. I think other people are referring to this as contact soreness from my mask. I don't have any red spots, but was wondering if this was normal.

Thanks in advance for your time reading the post and pointing me in the right direction.

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Archived Apnea Forum94 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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