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Can CPAP cause dental/eye problems?

Posted by sleepygirl on August 07, 2002 at 07:31:45:

I have been on CPAP 8 mos (totally compliant, 100% of the time). I use the Simplicity mask, do not mouth breath and clench my teeth (I was a grinder prior to CPAP). I experience tooth pain on my upper front teeth every morning, and its getting worse. My front teeth are now visibly protruding (I'm going to be very buck-toothed soon), and I have an appointment with my dentist to discuss (in several weeks), but wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience, and any suggestions.

I also am experiencing eye pain from, assumably from the pressure (17cm), and my eye dr just said use additional artifical tears/gel in the morning & at night. Ever heard of the pressure causing this?

Even if I have to live with both of these problems, I would never even consider not using CPAP, it saved my life.

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Archived Apnea Forum99 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Apnea Forum Homepage

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