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Question 29 - What are the MMA plates used for?

From: K.

My question is my MD says that he needs to remove the plates after having my MMA done on 10/5/07. due to graunal build up and my face has swelled up this past weekend. Is there any complications after having the plates removed and will this cause your teeth to shift regarding your bite.

What are the plates used for?

Thank you .

Answer Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
Jan 03, 2008

It seems that the titanium plates in the upper jaw is causing some infection. Occasionally, loose plates/screws can causing localized irritation and infection. It is reasonable to remove the involved plates/screws.

However, I think it is too early (2 months after surgery) to remove all the plates as the bones are not yet healed sufficiently.

Good luck.


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