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Question 35 - Can surgery help daytime breathing?

From: S. A.

I am having a sleep study this week to determine if I have sleep apnea because of excessive daytime sleepiness and the fact that I wake up gasping for air. Also, when I'm running I notice I subconsciously jut my lower jaw forward to get more air. There are also other times during the day when I can feel that my airway feels tight or constricted.

My question is...is this something that is can be corrected surgically? It seems that CPAP might help at night but obviously not during the day. Is it common among people with sleep apnea to be aware of their restricted airway during the day and/or when exercising?


Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
May 11, 2008

Surgery is certainly an option for treating sleep apnea. The success depends on the patients upper airway anatomy, age, weight as well as the severity of sleep apnea. Some sleep apnea patients do feel that their airway is limited during the day.


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