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Question 36 - ‘Infant with sleep problems, what to do?’

From: L. C.

My 8 month old son, for the past month, has been experiencing sleeping issues. He has always pushed himself up tight to his bumper pads him his crib at night. but now there's ALOT of tossing and turning and laying his face on the bed and putting his feet under him pushing his bum in the air holding his chest off the bed as well. and alot of crying in his sleep. he has never been abused of "abandoned" in any way what-so-ever. Is there maybe some sort of sleep condition that may be the cause of it? Should i consult my family doctor about it?


Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
May 11, 2008

These symptoms are consistent with sleep apnea. I would recommend seeing a pediatric sleep physician and have a sleep study. You should have him see an allergist to make sure there is not significant allergy. If he has sleep apnea, the first line of treatment is adenotonsillectomy, I usually recommend that the child be at least 20 pounds to undergo T&A. Due to his young age, overnight observation in the hospital is recommended.


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