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Question 41 - MMA vs Maxillomandibular Expansion?

From: M. A.

Dear Dr,

What is the difference between Maxillomandibular Advancement and Maxillomandibular Expansion?

Thank you,

M. A.

Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
July 5, 2008

Maxillomandibular Advancements is a procedure that extends both the upper and lower jaws in the forward direction. It is a highly successful operation in enlarging the airway.

Maxillomandibular Expansion is a procedure that uses distracters to widen the upper and lower jaws. This operation is only done in younger patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. I am very selective in offering this operation to patients as only patients with very narrowed jaws are candidates.

The airway improvement is not as good as maxillomandibular advancement.

Kasey Li, MD

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