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Question 42 - Aerophagia- Auto CPAP or Surgery?

From: T. K.

Dear Dr,

I have mild/moderate sleep apnea. I have used CPAP in the past with good results until swallowed air built up and resulted in major gas and chest pains. I have recently had a new sleep study and consulted with an ENT about surgery. I do not have tonsils, but do have some excess/longer soft pallet. I’m wondering if an auto titrating CPAP will prevent the air build up or if I should pursue surgery.

Thanks for your help!

T. K.

Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
July 22, 2008

You might want to try Auto CPAP as it may help your aerophagia.

Most women do not have excess soft palate tissues (there are clearly exceptions). I would be cautious on the type of pharyngeal procedure. A traditional UPPP can have side effects and may not improve you sufficiently.

You should discuss this with your ENT surgeon.

Kasey Li, MD

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