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Question 45 - Why does my husband stop breathing and start running?

From: V. K.

My husband is thin, athletic and healthy. Plays soccer all the time. Is a very youthful looking 40. It is about 10 years now he wakes up gasping for air.

He also many times starts running in bed, kicking me hard, pulling my hair suddenly, jumps out of bed and runs down the hall, throws his pillow, and his ear plugs. His heart is racing so hard it seems it will jump out of his chest.

He is a super nice person and not violent at all. Totally normal person. He does have a stressful job. What do you think?


V .

Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
Aug 15, 2008

Seems like you husband has multiple symptoms consistent with sleep apnea and periodic leg movements and possible other sleep disorders. An evaluation by a sleep specialist and a sleep study should be done.

Kasey Li, MD

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