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Question 48 - Any help for stenosis after a UPPP?

From: R.C.

Dear Dr Li:

Several years ago I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. I tried cpap for almost a year, but kept taking the mask off during the night. Then tried a dental appliance for several months, with pretty good success.

Finally, a few months ago I had a uvuloplasty, which as resulted in pharyngeal stenosis and has caused my sleep apnea to become severe. Are you aware of any therapies/surgeries for the treatment of the stenosis? I have seen one ENT who described a surgery of the palate that might (70-80% chance) get me back to where I was before, and am getting a second opinion tomorrow.



Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
Nov. 24, 2008

What you have described is an unfortunate event that can happen when aggressive removal of tissues occurs during uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

Stenosis is a difficult problem to fix and unlikely to return to "what you used to have". The estimate of 70-80% is way too high in my opinion.

Kasey Li, MD

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