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Question 52 - Nasal or Airway problem

From: E. D.


when i sleep at night my most comfortable position is my back. but when i start to relax i can feel my air getting restrixted and popping noises in my mouth and loud noise in my mouth area i always have to turn on my side, once i woke up not able to breath at all and it scared me so now i try to sleep on my side,,for some reason at night air is redirected through my mouth birsting out air through my closed lips........ somtimes i try to tape my lower lip down so the air wont do this so i can fall asleep.

does this sound like a nasal problem..... i would really like to avoid a sleep test because i am scared and would feel unconfortable having sombody watch me sleep thankyou eddie

Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
June. 4, 2009

What you are describing is classic for sleep apnea. It is not a nasal problem. You should have a sleep study to assess for sleep apnea.

Best of luck,


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