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Question 58- Can symptoms continue even when using CPAP?

From: CD

Hi Doctor;

I was dignosed with severe obstructive sleep apne in 2001. I wake on average over 600 times a night without my cpap-per the "VA" sleep study. This was confirmed twice with another study done in 2009 (were my cpap air pressure was increased from 5 to 11). The military determined it went undiagnosed for 20 years prior to 2001. I always use my cpap to sleep.

My questions are: I still experience daytime sleepiness-falling asleep at inappropriate times (i.e., driving, reading, lectures, sitting still). I forget things, I get irritable, depressed, anxious, and need to nap often. Can symptoms continue to occur even though I use my cpap? And, can going undiagnosed 20 years have anything to do with my daytime symptoms-like constant sleepiness? Is it possible that there is no cure for my daytime sleepiness with a cpap?

Thanks so much,

Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
June. 16, 2010

Many patients continue to be symptomatic despite using cpap. It is important for you to check whether your cpap pressure is sufficient as it is often too low. You should talk with your sleep physician regarding your symptoms.

Good luck.

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