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Question 61- Dealing with insurance issues for MMA

From: Stephen


My insurance decided it will not pay for MMA surgery at this time even after agreeing to initially. I was told by them there were other surgeries that need to be tried before they will consider it such as UPP and tongue reduction surgery. Im on cpap now but blow up like a balloon wake up belching etc. throughout the night obviously still symptomatic. Are the two procedures my insurance company suggested normally done before MMA is approved if not what is? Im midway through my orthodontics now looking for advice.


Response Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
April 21, 2011

Hi Stephen,

IThe approval process for surgery can be quite variable between individuals. It depends on the insurance plan, the surgeon, the anatomic deformity as well as the severity of sleep apnea. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort from the surgeon to get things approved. Sometimes less invasive surgery is requested by the insurance company before MMA is approved. UPPP/tongue reduction surgery is often requested prior to MMA.

Kasey Li, MD, DDS

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