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Question 8 - MMA numbness and swelling

From: M. K.

Hello, I had my MMA done on March 7, 2007 and I was wondering how long will it be until i can feel the roof of my mouth and when will the swelling in my cheeks subside.

My advancement was 10mm for both and the chin came forward 20mm.

I didn't know if the large advancement had something to do with it or not.

Thank You,

M. K.

Answer Provided by Dr. Kasey Li
July 10, 2007

The numbness of the palate can take several months to return. Occasionally, it can take up to 12 months. The amount of advancement can be a factor in the length of time for the sensation to return due to the amount of soft tissue stretching.

On the other hand, the fullness of the cheeks may be another story. It has been 4 months since your operation and usually, minimal swelling should be present at this time. The fullness you see may be the “new” you. Maxillary advancement will increase the fullness of the cheeks due to increase bone support of the facial soft tissues. The degree of “support” is dependent on the amount of advancement (depending on the way the procedure was done).

Good luck

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