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Question 10

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Question 10 - What can I do to help my son's enuresis?

From: SR


My son sleeps so soundly he has started to wet the bed. he has just turned 13 and he is convinced his life is over.

We tried pills and they have stopped working.

What can I do to help him? Is there a Dr. that knows how to fix this issue? I have seen several companies advertise they can fix this problem, but its not covered by insurance.

Where can I go for help? My son doesn't have night terrors, and he doesn't sleepwalk, but I do know when he goes to bed at night he falls instantly into a very deep sleep.

Please help....his self esteem has hit rock bottom and I am afraid for him.

thank you


Answer Provided by Sandman
Jan 19, 2008

Sleep disorders can trigger this problem. Usually enuresis starts earlier in life and goes away. Starting this late may be a sign of a disorder during sleep.

I know sleep apnea and nocturnal seizures can trigger it, especially in younger people. There are also other disorders which can be the culprit. Due to the timing of when it started you should talk to boarded sleep specialist in your area.

I think a video of him sleeping could help with diagnosis. There are many cheap video cameras with infra red that you can put in the long run time and video for 6 or more hours. This could be good information for a sleep doc.

Another option is he is sleeping so deeply he isn't able to wake up when he needs to go. Unfortunately, as we age, our ability to sleep so deeply decreases and we rarely have this problem later in life. If this is the case he would need to avoid excess fluids before bed, but I would only think about trying this if all other test were negative.

Bottom line, I do not know his medical history and I'm not a doctor - these are just my opinions, so you should at least talk to a sleep expert in your area who will have access to his medical records.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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