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Question 13

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Question 13 - 7 yo with OSA without sleepiness, does he need Treatment?

From: PH


My seven year old son has many syptoms of sleep apnea including snoring, difficult breathing, disrupted sleep, mouth breathing, large tonsils. But he does not seem to be tired or behavior problems.

If sleep apnea is'nt affecting his daytime behavior, does it still need to be treated?

Thank You

Answer Provided by Sandman
April. 4, 2008

Yes, yes, yes he needs treatment. The damage done may not show up for several years and it will be permanent. This is the developmental period where quality sleep is needed to for many reasons to list.

Don't think about it, have him seen as soon as possible. Apnea right now will cause the lower jaw to be underdeveloped, create a high arched palate, and leave no room for his tongue once it reaches its normal size, where things will get much worse.

Another major negative of not having treatment now is his face will not develop normally and may need to use cpap all his life or have surgery. Treatment now could reverse the negative development by letting his lower jaw grow, but once he is older, bone development stops and removing the tonsils or cpap will not help so surgery will probably be needed.

Right now they can stretch out the upper palate to take care of a high arched palate, which can make apnea worse. I could go on for pages. Get a referral to a sleep specialist asap.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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