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Question 16

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Question 16 - 2 mo. old cries, moans and screams during sleep.

From: JL


My 2 month old grandson dreams. He cries in his sleep and moans and screams sometimes. This happens daily.

Our home environment is very calm, quiet and positive. I have read about night terrors, but cannot find anything on such a young baby.

Can you tell me why he does this, or if it is just something a baby does for no reason? You may also send any reading material to us, and please respond to my personal email. I do not know how to check for answers any other way.

Thank you,

Answer Provided by Sandman
April 29, 2008

Infants should sleep like a baby. No noises, no sweating, not much movement, no extra effort breathing, etc. This is a important time for quality sleep and this doesn't not sound good to me.

You should have him seen by a pediatric sleep specialist. Here is a link for more infant sleep info.


Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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