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Question 18

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Question 18- Could PLMD medication keep me from sleep well?

From: JL


I was diagnosed with PLMD 10 years ago and have been able to reduce movements somewhat using Requip. But in recent months, I am having trouble getting my brain to just shift into sleep.

I often lie in bed in a haze, feeling about to fall asleep, for hours. I have short dreamlike images and thoughts. If I awaken, I have to go through the same process of waiting for sleep to come.

I get 5 hours sleep on a good night. Yet once awake, I am mentally tired, but still not sleepy. Naps are impossible. I am looking for a method to help me cross the line from being drowsy to actually sleeping.

What methods or devices would help?
Thank you,

Answer Provided by Sandman
July 12, 2008

Your problem getting to sleep may be due to the medication you are taking. It is a dopaminergic agent which, in some people, can cause your symptoms.

There are several other medications that are used to treat PLMD. Their categories include, Anticonvulsant agents (Neurontin), Benzodiazepines (Klonopin) and GABA agonists (Lioresal). These do not effect dopamine in the brain but as with all medications they have side effects. Everyone reacts differently to medication and you may or may not have side effects with these other types of meds.

You should talk to your sleep doctor about trying a different medication.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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