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Question 19

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Question 19- Is body rocking before sleep weird?

From: KT

Dir Sir or Madam:

I'm a 33 years old female with a sleep question. When I was a child growing up I used to roll myself to sleep (laying on my back and roll onto my left side then onto my right side). In doing this my body would feel tired and I would fall asleep.

As I got older I decided to just move my legs from side to side to fall asleep. I find I can't just lay in bed and fall asleep without moving.

Is this weird or is there something wrong with me?


Answer Provided by Sandman
July 30, 2008

It is called body rocking. Usually goes away when you get older. If it isn't affecting the quality of your sleep or causing any other disturbances it shouldn't be anything to worry about. If it is disturbing your bed partner or you just want to see if there is a treatment you should have a consult with a sleep specialist in your area.

If the rocking is also helping with strange sensations in your legs it could be due to restless legs syndrome. From the info you gave I would vote for body rocking.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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