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Question 23

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Question 23- What causes humming during sleep?

From: CL


My wife says that I hum or groan while I am sleepings. Since she pointed it out, I have awaken and found myself doing what just what she said. It sounds sort of like the noise someone would make when they are meditating.

Is this a posible sign of sleep apnea? I have had a sleep study done before, and was told that I have some small signs of sleep apnea but not enough to worry about.

I do have restless leg syndrone but it seems to be controlled well with gabapentin. Should I consider having a new sleep study done, or is there anything you know of that could possibly make me start humming when I sleep?


Answer Provided by Sandman
August 26, 2008

The older we get the more sleep problems we have. Sleep apnea usually starts out being mild and can progresses to severe osa as we age without gaining weight. Just a process of aging.

OSA can trigger noises during sleep including humming. With proper treatment the sounds should go away. The only other problem that can cause noises like this during sleep is nocturnal seizures. From the info in your question I would vote for sleep apnea.

You should consider getting another study, especially is you are not feeling totally rested in the morning.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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