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Question 6

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Question 6 - What causes arms are in air during sleep?

From: DL


I have a question in regards to my boyfriends sleeping problems. He holds his arm in the air so his elbow is stuck out to the side and slowly rubs his open hand from the top of his head down to his chin.

I find it so odd to see him doing this most times i can't help but laugh because i can't understand how he can hold his arm in the air while he's sleeping and it looks so funny because he is doing it in such a slow controlled manner.

What could the cause of this be?


Answer Provided by Sandman
Sept 25, 2007

I know someone who did a similar scratching in her sleep. She put her arms straight out and would scratch the palm of one of her hands. The sound would wake you up. Her problem was seizures.

If he does the exact thing everything time he could be having nocturnal seizures. You should have him talk to a sleep doc.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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