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Question 7

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Question 7 - Question about taping mouth closed for CPAP

From: John

Hello Sandman,

I use tape over my mouth to prevent mouth breathing. I removed my mask the other night and left the tape on my mouth.

Can this alone reduce apnea frequency?

It seems that keeping my mouth closed prevents my tongue blocking my throat. Is this a possibility?



Answer Provided by Sandman
October 11, 2007

There are many factors that cause OSA. Base of tongue is one. Keeping your mouth shut may help as long as you have a clear opening from the nostrils through the throat. That is why many people use a chin strap with their cpap masks.

I think your skin would get sore with taping it every night. Body position can also help in some cases, sleeping on your side is better than on the back. I wouldn't give up cpap for tape, but keeping mouth shut should make cpap work better.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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