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Question 9

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Question 9 - Do hypopneas require CPAP?

From: Ralph


I had a sleep study done because of some lack of sleep. Here is what they found out:

I had mostly no obstructive sleep apneas (average of 0.7 episode/hour), no central sleep apneas (average of 0.5 episode/hour), no mixed sleep apneas but I had an average of 19 episode of hyponeas per hour (hyponea is underbreathing is I understand well).

During the night, my average % of O2 saturation was 96 and I spent 12 minutes below 95% saturation (not all at once, only spikes), but no time below 90%.

So, my question is: Is that all bad? Do I really need CPAP? Of course the sleep clinic peoples want to sell me a machine…..



Answer Provided by Sandman
Decenber 12, 2007

Hypopneas can cause as many arousals as osa, and in some cases cause more daytime sleepiness. Basically your airway closes but not all the way as in osa. This causes increased effort to breath followed by an arousal. So this is happening to you about every 5 mins. all night long.

You should definitely give CPAP a try.

Best wishes and Sweet dreams,


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