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would you classify this as narcolepsy

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Posted by karel on July 31, 2001 at 07:24:59:

a polysomnogram of pt. on no meds showing onset rem period of four and one half minutes from start time. rem latency was 4 minutes from sleep onset. l8 rem periods of average duration spaced at 32.7 minutes. thru years pt has had mslt but on cylert and tofranil as too risky for exacerbations of symptoms to withdraw pt. however mslt just showed as follows 386 minutes of sleep 72% OF THE RECORDING TIME 49 AWAKENINGS, SLEEP LATENCY OF L8 MINUTES, NO REM ONSET MSLT SHOWED MEAN LATENCY TO SLEEP OF L6 MINUTES,WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS MSLT ON MEDS WOULD YOU STILL LEAN TOWARD NARCOLEPSY, PT DOES HAVE VERY SEVERE PERIODS OF BODY JUST SHUTTING DOWN EVERY 6 TO 7 MONTHS, WITH SEVERE HYPOTONIA , AND SEVERE FATIGUE, PT REMAINS THIS WAY SOMETIMES FOR 2 TO 3 MONTHS THEN MEDS START TO WORK WONDERFUL AND SYMPTOMS OF NARCOLEPSY ARE CONTROLLED FOR ANOTHER 6 TO 7 MONTHS, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CASE WHERE PT.S BODY JUST SHUTS DOWN. THANKS

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