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Re: tinnitus and sleep disturbance--

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Posted by Rock Cezzar on November 10, 2002 at 23:49:35:

In Reply to: tinnitus and sleep disturbance posted by Scott B. on June 06, 2002 at 17:01:50:

I have had moderate chronic tinnitus since its diagnosis in 1993 (and two years until diagnosed).
Yours is the only entry in 45 pages of google search engine results.
In my case, I have a complete relief about one day in a week (two days is I am lucky). On such occasions, if I dose off --even for 20 min.-- in an afternoon -say--, the tinnitus comes back. Also, tinnitus is most felt upon arising in the morning. I do have a moderate-to-severe case of sleep apnea and used CPAP mask regularly for about a year --and then I gave up, except when I need to suppress snoring (e.g. if in a hotel with my spouse next to me). My tinnitus is never felt in the ear and cannot be associated with any ear. My hearing is fine.
I fight off the dosing off --aforementined-- so as not bring the tinnitus back but that is hard. It's almost as compelling as narcolepsy to dose off especially when I don't have the buzzing sound in my head (frontal mostly). Naturally, when I don't have the tinnitus about 15% of the time, I am truly happy (elated, manic?!).
Please let me know of any other association regarding tinnitus and sleep mechanism of the brain.
Thank you.
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Hampton, VA 23664

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