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not feeling rested after a night's sleep

Posted by Denise R on November 08, 1997 at 14:13:56:

Hello everyone. I am writing on behalf of my 20-year old nephew who has been complaining of feeling totally exhausted all day, even though he slept the night before. He is physically sleeping the night, but is obviously not being "restored" properly. He says he feels as though he hasn't slept a wink all night, even though he knows he did.

I'd appreciate any sharing or insights you may have. He has had bloodwork done to rule out anything like mono... or other causes of fatigue. The worst thing is that he doesn't have much of an appetite and so isn't getting the best of energy from his diet. This could cettainly be a contributing factor, but I promised him I would research this for him. I would appreciate any sharing you may offer.. perhaps someone has gone through this themselves and could shed some light on the subject.

Thanks so much..... ANd may I fluff up a pillow for each and every one of you !!1

Denise R.

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Archived Forum2 Posting viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Sleep Forums Homepage.

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