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Re: Sleep Apnea

Posted by Brian on February 03, 1998 at 12:02:49:

In Reply to: Sleep Apnea posted by JRookard on February 02, 1998 at 18:26:02:

I just had the proceedure 7 days ago.

I too was nurvous, but I am only 29 years old, and the prospect of spending the next 50+ years carting a CPAP around wasn't fun. The benefits for me far outweighed the fear.

I still have some pain, and can't eat anything but soft foods, but the pain is tolerable (not using pain medicine anymore) and not being able to eat much is actually a good thing (losing weight).

I have used a CPAP for 5 years, and I still was not sleeping as well as I should be, which is also another reason I wanted the surgery.

I haven't really experienced any of the negatives yet (other than directly related to having my throat scooped out).

As for the pros, after my surger, I was asleep in recovery, and was not snoring and my oxygen level stayed at 99% even without my CPAP, before the surgery, that would not have happened, everyone in the hospital would have heard my snoring .

I have *HAD* to turn the pressure on my CPAP down from 13 to 5 just to be able to handle the pressure. I could go lower, but I feel like I'm having to suck the air out of the hose if it is any lower.

Ok, the beggest con for me is that I can't say touchas with the proper emphesis as I was able to before.

There are risks involved, so educate yourself before you "go under the knife". You will just need to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

You might wan't to try a CPAP since you are only mild.

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