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Sleep Apnea - Dental device

Posted by Al Pringle on March 24, 1998 at 07:17:24:

In a Womens Week magazine article that my wife pointed out, there was a story of a woman who helped to diagnose her husband with sleep apnea. The perscribed treatment was a dental device which cured him and a happy ending to the tale.... In February I went to the sleep disorders clinic in Suburban Chicago and was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have been using a CPAP machine since mid Feb and have had good success with it; no more falling asleep while driving home from work or afternoon naps req'd. The CPAP machine is not a lot of trouble as I even took it on a cruise in early March. But, no one has ever told me anything about a dental device which may do the same as the machine and be alot less trouble. The device mentioned in the article was called the "SILENCER" is this avail from a medical supply company or does a dentist have to be consulted. It sounds like a much easier way to keep the air way open than the CPAP option... Any info would be appreciated... Thank You ... Al Pringle

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