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Awake...but still dreaming? Help!

Posted by annie on May 17, 1998 at 18:56:11:

For six years, now, I have been having problems with sleep. I wake during the night, and think things are happening, when they really are not. Part of me even tries to tell myself it's not possible. When I worked at a restaurant, I would wake and think people were in my room, and needed me to make them a shake, etc. I would look around my room for the customers, know I was in bed, and wonder how they got in here, and how I was supposed to get them what they needed. Often, I think I hear them, but just can't find them...This hasn't been too much of a problem, until my son started walking. Last night I was sure he had somehow got out of his bed, and was carrying around our knife set. Part of me knew it wasn't possible, but it didn't matter. He is only one, he couldn't even get out of his crib. But there I was, looking for him. I had to make myself go in his room, so I would know he was in bed.
Please help. It is making it very difficult to sleep, and go back to sleep. During these times I am so confused and upset. What can I do? What is wrong with me? These waking times seem very real to me, or I wouldn't be bothered by it.
Is this a type of sleep walking?
Thank you

email: JohnECesarz@msn.com

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Archived Sleep Forum4 Posting viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Sleep Forums Homepage.

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