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Sleeping in car seat at night? And ? acid reflux?

Posted by MandyM on May 27, 2001 at 19:19:24:

My 10-week-old baby loves to sleep in her swing, and seems to like sleeping upright (in car seat or being held), rather than lying flat on her back.

I don't think she has acid refulx (??); she spits up fairly often in small amounts usually, has vomited maybe 2-3 times a lot; and sometimes she's grunting/bringing knees up/wiggling in sleep or while going to sleep, or while awake lying down. Sometimes she seems to wake up because of that. But that's not all the time; she has slept for 3-4 hours in a row in her crib (flat) or in bed with me. She's generally a very happy baby, smiles and laughs/squeals a lot, etc. She doesn't cry that much.

She was 7lbs 8 oz at birth, went down to 7lbs 1 oz, then gained weight very quickly (about 2oz a day at first); last time I had her weighed, at about 8 weeks, she was 13 lbs. (She is breastfed exclusively).

I'm going to look into acid reflux further, but maybe she just likes the "cuddly" feeling of sleeping in swing/carseat or being held...

Anyway, if I wanted to try having her sleep in her car seat, does anyone know a safe way to do this? I have an infant car seat with a detachable base. The only thing about it is that she looks a bit "bunched up" in it; in her swing she's in a much better position. I read a post somewhere about making sure a car seat can recline, if someone wanted to use it for baby's sleep; I'm guessing that was a comment about convertible car seats? And I'm guessing she has to be strapped in, to be safe? Should the car seat then be put in her crib? And - is it healthy to let her sleep in her car seat?

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Archived Infant Sleep Forum4 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Infant Forum Homepage.
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