painful gas at night
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painful gas at night

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Posted by lrahbar on October 19, 2006 at 05:40:51:

My almost 3 month old is a great sleeper during the day. She will sleep 2-3 hours at a time all day, which I'm sure contributes to her not sleeping well at night! It's like waking the dead to try to keep her up in the daytime, so we've pretty much given up on that! The problem is when she finally falls asleep at night, she often is awakened by what seems to be very painful gas movements. She usually starts to cry with each one which keeps her awake. I have a feeling she would sleep pretty well if it wasn't for that. We do use the gas drops and that does seem to get gas out, but it really does seem to hurt her when she toots. By the way, this usually only happens at night, so I don't think it's an anal fissure. Also, she will only sleep in her infant carrier at night.We haven't tried her crib yet, but she absolutely would not do the bassinet AT ALL. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Subject : Re: painful gas at night
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