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Ambien Side Effects/Memory Loss

Posted by Wyoman64 on July 18, 2002 at 20:36:20:

I just started taking Ambien two nights ago. I also just began taking prozac at the same time, but have taken Prozac before with no side effects. Last night I was ready to go to bed, so turned out the lights, emptied my ashtray, and did my usual routine before turning in, then took 1 10mg Ambien. I decided to sit down at the computer and check my e-mail for a few minutes until I felt drowsy, then go to bed and read my book until I was ready for sleep. My next conscious thought was waking up on the sofa at 7:30am. Several music CD's wre out that I apparently was listening to, I had poured a glass of grape juice, made and ate a sandwich, smoked a couple of cigarettes because there were butts in the ashtray that I remebered emptying, and the television was on. I have absolutely NO RECOLECTION of any of these activities! My last memory was sitting at the computer, and planning to go to bed. I called my MD this morning and he said he had never heard of any reaction like this from Ambien and has now prescribed Sonata. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is Sonata going to do the same thing? I'm just aliitle leery about taking it if my body is going to be up doing things without me. But, I desperately need to get sleep. Any feedback out there? HELP!

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Archived Insomnia Forum15 To post a new topic go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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