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Lower adrenaline=better sleep!! HOW

Posted by DJmaux on May 01, 2003 at 05:16:56:

I read if you have higher adrenalin levels it is hard to sleep but not only that you wake up more often!
Any caffine within 12 hours, yes 12 hours of bedtime can afffect you! This means no cocoalte,soda,tea 12hrs before bedtime!
Not only that but did you all know that the following foods make you body produce adrenalin?


You shouldnt have any of these within about 6-8 hours of bedtime. Certainly you should have none of the above things for your evening meal and try to avoid them in the one before if you can!

Also the one food that lowers your adrenaline levels is celery. Take about 6 big sitcks of celery and eat them 15 mins before bedtime. Not only will this help you sleep but the lower adrenalin levels (moe than 10% aparrently!) will help prevent you waking up more!
I recomend that all of you you here eat quite a bit of celery 15 mins before bed espcially any of you with anxiety based sleep trouble!

The minimum dose is 4 moderate sticks and your best of with like 6 big sticks really. Hell I guess 8 wouldnt hurt if you can afford it!

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Archived Insomnia Forum19 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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