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Cortisol- Anti -Stress pill?

Posted by Insania on January 17, 2006 at 01:45:58:

I've been reading that some neurologists and psychiatrists are now saying that the increase in the stress hormone Cortisol is related to Depression/Anxiety and Insomnia.Instead of initially believing they were due to changes in neurotransmitters which Benzos,sleeping pills and anti-depressants are targeted at.There's one university doing research on a new "Anti-Stress" pill aimed at reducing Cortisol levels.
I'm now realising why all these other pills weren't working for me.In my case anyway,I do believe my Insomnia was triggered by a physical stress response to life events with the symptoms of Panic attacks,high Anxiety,disorientation and blurred vision.
I think lifestyle changes and exercise are proving to be the most help so far as others here have mentioned.I don't believe in drugging myself out of a situation I got myself into.Although I'm thinking of giving the natural nutrients such as phosphatidylserine DHEA, and ginkgo biloba a go to help me on the way and go back to 15mg of Remeron which is also known to have Stress reducing properties.I still don't know whether it's a physical or mental thing or both,hence,the reason for giving the pills a go

I was wondering if anyone had experience of phosphatidylserine?

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Archived Insomnia Forum28 viewing only. To post go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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