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Re: 4:30 awakenings

Posted by hopeful on October 31, 2006 at 08:13:29:

In Reply to: Re: 4:30 awakenings posted by Cairo on October 18, 2006 at 16:59:05:

Hi everyone,
I'm sorta new to this forum, but not new to Insomnia ;) I started having really bad Insomnia about 1.5 years ago; at which point I started taking sleep meds such as Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril. I took mostly Ambien for 6 good months nightly and was having extreme anxiety, heart palpitations, and depression. I then worked with my sleep doctor, who specializes in CBT, to taper off Ambien. It took over 6 months to taper off completely and now I use Ambien about once a week. I have made ALOT of improvement with Insomnia but still get frustrated and depressed whenever I fall into a bout of Insomnia, which happense 2-3 weeks or so. The past 2 nights, I've only sletp about 8 hours total, which isn't terribly bad but it just discourages me to see that this monster is still leering around the corner. Does anyone else feel tihs way? BTW, I have the early morning waking problem, that's why I responded to this thread.

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Archived Insomnia Forum30 viewing only. To post go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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