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Posted by London Bob on February 06, 2007 at 09:37:55:

Hi again.

Could anyone enlighten me as to why insomnia is such a source of anxiety for many?

However rationale I may be about it and whatever my previous experience the anxiety far outweighs the consequence e.g. being tired. Tiredness isn't awful, not really,not in the grand scheme of things.(That's not to belittle how awful anyone is feeling by the way, I know how rubbish we can feel at times) Everyone experiences tiredness, but some of us get extremely anxious and worked up and turn it into a life changing miserable event. Why?

I know rationally that I get through at work and at worst should be annoyed or irritated by the tiredness but the anxiety has been all consuming, albeit with different levels of intensity over time.

So why does the mind not accept the rationale view of experience about tiredness. What is it that I fear? I have never failed to deliver at work,take my kids to their events or missed a social. I've not fallen over in the street through tiredness or ended up in hospital over it. I have faced wild animals and jumped out of aeroplanes but the thought of not sleeping the night is the scariest. How irrational is that.

Thanks to the advice yesterday and rereading past posts I feel much more on track but now just bewildered by how not sleeping well has caused a 16 stone (220 lb) man to become such a jelly fish!! Thank God there are people who understand cos my wife thinks I've flipped my lid at times!

Anyway, would again be interested to hear people's thoughts and opinions on the source of the fear.

Thank you.

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Archived Insomnia Forum31 viewing only. To post go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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