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blindness and loss of sleep

Posted by clarence carter on July 23, 2000 at 07:17:16:

I am totally blind, and have been so for two years. During that time, I have seen my sleep cycle move all over the lot. I may sleep for two to three hours, or ten minutes, in a 24 hour cycle. This makes getting through a work day a nightmare.

I am trying melotonin, but the jury is still out on that. One thing that I am doing is to sleep when my body lets me. That does not always make me the most productive person, but I am at a loss for ideas. I told my doctor of the probrem, and He put me on RESTPROLL. it worked for a while, but he took me off of it, expressing some concern about becomming dependant. Since then my sleep patern moves around the clock.

Does any one have any ideas?

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Archived Insomnia Forum5 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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