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Temazepam & clonazepam

Posted by Tracy on December 23, 2000 at 00:06:44:

Well I dont really need any advice LOL but would like to say I feel for all of you very much. I have had problems sleeping since childhood, I am now 31 yrs of age. I was diagnosed with depression 5 yrs ago ( I wonder why lol, sleep deprivation can really mess with a persons mental and physical health.) I was started on the old fashioned trimiprimine which has a sedative affect, I also suffered panic attacks (another side affect of yrs of no sleep) I was put on immovane and could not stand it, yes it helped me sleep for about 2 nights but I could not handle the taste and the drowsyness in the morning, i had grown so used to no sleep. Well my psychiatrist put me on clonazepam for my panic attacks and they work great!!!!! im suppose to take four a day but will only take them as I need them which my doc has agreed to let me do, I have a problem with building a tolerance you see. My Doc has also put me on Temazepam to help me sleep, I will only take them 3 days in a 7 day week as i am starting to build a tolerance to them also, once i get to the need of taking 60mgs a night, I take whats called a temazepam holiday, normally for 2 months then go on them again. I know my insomnia is physiological and am curruntly on the waiting list to go to a sleep lab to fix this once and for all because im sorry but popping pills is not the answer if it can at all be fixed by a study. Perhaps i have not enough melatonin or too much but it took my pushing to get this done, to go through a sleep lab. I was sent an awesome guide to follow to try and cure insomnia unfortunatly it didnt work for me but if any of you wish me to email it to you it would be my pleasure. If your on sleeping meds, take holidays from them if you can, i know what its like not to sleep but its better than being an addict and of course if your going to take a med holiday taper of your meds slowly!!!
Good luck to you all
and Please wish me luck i really do need it LOL

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Archived Insomnia Forum7 To post a new topic go to the Insomnia Forum Homepage

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