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insomnia and mercury

Posted by Lynne on March 07, 2001 at 02:32:26:

Does anybody have any information, or ideas, on the subject of insomnia and other nervous disorders in relation to mercury? I am thinking in particular of the mercury contained in amalgam fillings that have routinely been placed in people's mouths for decades.

It is now known that mercury leaches from the fillings over the years, particularly when one chews or drinks hot liquids. It is also known that low-level long-term exposure to mercury can cause nervous problems, including insomnia.

I have had problems with insomnia for many years and this is one thing I have been looking into. I find the evidence very compelling. In fact, last year I had all ten of my amalgam fillings removed. However, the removal operation in itself can be dangerous as yet more mercury can be released and absorbed by the body. Since the removal of my final, large filling, when the dentist did not give me enough anaesthetic and had to give me another injection after he had already started drilling away the filling, my insomnia suddenly became a lot worse and I basically stopped sleeping altogther and got into a real state. No doctors have been able to help me. I therefore have the suspicion that on that last occasion my body absorbed a lot of mercury during the 'botched' operation, despite the use of the rubber dam for preventive purposes.

I am therefore very interested in this mercury theory and any more information (or suspicions) on the matter would be welcome, as would any ideas on how to 'detox' to get the damn stuff out of your body once it's in there.

Many thanks.

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