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Posted by NODDIN I AIN'T THE 8TH DWARF on February 15, 1999 at 18:50:57:

After reading these postings realized I must be suffering with Narcolepsy. This has proven most embarresing, it has even cost me my job. When sitting in on meetings I would
suddenly realize why my chin was resting on my chest, I had been asleep, never over a minute or two. I would try to explain that I did not realize what was happening but to no
avail. It cost me my job of 12 years, I am still trying to recover from this. If anyone has even the faintest feeling that this may be happening to them...GET TO A DOCTOR befor it is to late.
It is most perplexing to suddenly realize that you have nodded off even tho it was for only the briefest of a minute. I have tried going without eating, thinking it was the full belly syndrome, to no avail. This continues to happen even with 9 hours of restfull sleep.
Is there any cure for this?

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Archived Narcolepsy Forum1 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Narcolepsy Forum Homepage

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