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Re: Just call me "unlucky"

Posted by Starr on January 30, 2002 at 06:01:41:

In Reply to: Re: Just call me "unlucky" posted by sleepykitty on January 30, 2002 at 05:27:45:

As I wrote in Jeanne's note, I am aware that I more than likely can get my diary back. It's just the whole fact of #1. Masood already fired me #2. He put awful lies all in my medical records. and #3. I actually forgot...? Who knows? Well, some time I just go blank for awhile. Do you ever do that? I was supposed to go to my therapist today, however I decided that I was just not ready to argue with her just yet. The whole thing is that recently she went behind my back and lied to me right in my face. She had said that I needed to get a 2nd opinion from a psyc that she knows, because the first psyc wanted me to, and she did not know why. All of that was a lie. I actually talked to my psyc about the whole "second opinion" thing, and she suggested that my therapist thinks that I am self injuring myself. OK, Last week she told me that she knew that I did not do that sort of behavior. What is it with all of the lies lately with so-called proffesionals? I am currently drawing up a case to prove to her that when PWN and C, often end up with various injuries due to the condition. And that others injuries are spread over a vast area on our bodies. Basically I just want ot prove that I am not the only one that sustained injuries, but other have had worse, and the some that I have. I need to trust her before I trust her with anymore information. And if she thinks that I am SI'ing, then all trust is lost, and needless to say, she will not be my therapist any longer. Well, talk to you soon. Starr

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