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need help

Posted by cant tell on August 17, 2002 at 17:50:56:

Hello there,i have been living with this disorder for ten years now.I have been taking ritalin and zoloft.When i started taken ritalin the dose was 50mg 2 times a day.Now i take 50mg 7 times a day.Now i know what your thinking,that there is know way a doctor would perscribe me that much.My sleep doctor gives me a perscription for 5 pills a day,when that wasnt enough,i went to my family doctor and got a perscription for 150 pills a month.Now these 2 doctors have know idea what im doing,i know i shouldnt be doing it but i feel if i try and get help they will take away the one thing i depend on more than anything else to function normally.You see, you all know when the doctor says to take those little naps when you have a sleep attack.Well i just got fed up taken naps on my breaks and when i get home from work.So instead of taken naps i take more ritalin so i can do the things i enjoy in life,but i find i have totally lost my drive to do things.I now have to plan at least a couple of hours a head of what ever i do.I know what your thinking,this guys a freak.I just dont know what to do any more,i know sooner or later i will either get caught or have a heart attack from all the drugs,i almost feel like a junky,i dont go anywhere with out that bloody bottle and im just sick and tired of it all,feeling high as a kite and then so tired and grumpy for the need of speed. Thanks

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Archived Narcolepsy Forum20 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Narcolepsy Forum Homepage

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