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Dream too much!

Posted by Ellen on December 17, 2002 at 13:26:10:

I ahve posted my concerns about excessive dreaming, dramatic dream themes all night, several a night and your not even fully asleep yet. I know that I'm having these images, (dreaming) when I do but cannot break from them. They are usually always a nightmare. I'm trying to figure out why I have this..No one in my family can relate..I'm not sure what forumn I belong in. I was in the other disorder sleep forumn when I kept reading similiar experiences to mine and they mentioned that it was Norcolepsy. Is this possible. I dont sleep very well is the thing, (alot of the time not at all) and I have a history of sleep paralysis and Fibromyalgia. For as long as I can remember I have has problems with the whole sleep thing. I'm going to have a sleep study done also but if anyone wants to comment I will really appreciate it....Ellen

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Archived Narcolepsy Forum22 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Narcolepsy Forum Homepage

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