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safety devices

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Posted by motherhen on November 26, 2007 at 18:48:59:

My daughter suffers from Narcolepsy, she takes 400 mg of Provigil a day plus ritilin when needed. She is very smart about her driving, and only drives short distances and only if she feels ok. (she does feel her sleepiness coming on) She has recently married a US Marine, and will be going to live on base where there will not be as many people around that understand her sleepiness. Does anyone know of any devices for a car that would increase safety for her? The drive master doesn't work as you have to be comepletly tilted forward and by then its to late. Luckily she tried all positions so she was aware of this. Like I said, she is careful, and doesn't drive if she doesn't feel safe, but as an overprotective mama, I would feel better if there was a back up system in place just in case. Any suggestions? thank you

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